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Simple , Secure and Instant Online Payment Solutions


We have a Simple , Secure and Instant Online Payment Solutions:

pay online

How it Works:

Pay Online Works in same fashion post communication,
i.e. after your customer receives a verbal or email confirmation from you about room availablity and rates,
your client can pay the full or part amount online by credit cards /debit cards or netbanking.

We provide a button in your page linked to one single form where
your client will enter Name, Email, Mobile number and Amount.
On submission he is directed to payment process and banks page,
Your client has the option to pay by Credit Cards, Debit cards and Net banking

After successful payment ,
your client gets 1] Online receipt, 2] Email receipt and 3] an Sms receipt.
At the same time you and our compliance team also get the same email and sms receipts instantly.

Example of an as SMS / email
Reference ID : 1001108000836925
Order ID : HotelABCD9121
Customer : Axxxx Chatterjee
Mobile No. : 991xxxx241
Amount : 15000

You can have this instant report in two email id's and two mobile numbers for your internal co-ordination.

Once the receipts are generated the customer gets a verification email for payments if made by creditcards,
on successful verification, the payment is transferred to your bank account in 3 to 4 working days.


OTI (One Time Integration) = Rs.3000/- ( Rupees Three Thousand only)
TDR ( Transfer Deduction Rate) = a fixed % per transaction.

(since we have a compliance team who verifies credit card payments,
and for the same your payment is credited on the 3rd or 4th day for a secure transaction.)

What is a chargeback?
When a client denies of using his credit card for online payments or someone misuses some one elses card,
when it comes to banks notice, that particular amount is held from your recurring payments.
Unless you prove with documents and is approved by line of departments of the bank, the amount remains unsettled.


Buy this Solution Now:

You can buy this option online now and we will give you your Online Payment url in 24 hrs.

You can Pay us Online Here. pay online

Before payment if you would like to test this system you can do a live transaction on Test Donation.
[This amount is not refundable you may donate Rs.1, 2, 5 or 10 to check the smooth transaction]



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